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Your Freight First 

Our #1 Priority 


Dry Van

With the best software tracking in the industry, we handle full truckload van freight from any part of the U.S.

Refrigerated Transportation 

We are experts at understanding time, temperature, and equipment when moving produce throughout the U.S. and have an extensive carrier base to service your needs from loading to delivery.

Open Deck  

Whether you need standard flatbed trailers or specialized equipment to handle over-dimensional/over-weight loads, we can handle the job at any time.

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Our Proactive Advantage

We deliver extremely high service levels because of our proactive approach and no excuse mentality. We live by our word. If we say we are going to do something, we get it done. NO EXCUSES.


Our detailed operating protocols will give you peace of mind so you'll never have to hear about truck issues from your customer.

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We call every shipper and receiver in advance to confirm all information, regardless if appointments are preset. Every little detail of a load can cause an unnecessary issue, and 99% of them are preventable. Miscommunications and human errors happen all the time. Equipment requirements, appointment times, weight, temp, driver work, confirmation numbers, pickup numbers, address confirmation, directions, load/unload times, etc etc. The list goes on and on. The more due diligence we handle on the front end, the less chance of an issue.    Covering every base and double checking all information avoids extra fees, unnecessary problems, and increases overall service levels.  


We have a strict carrier vetting process handled internally, and also through our partners at RMIS.  We treat your freight as if it were our own.

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We speak directly to each driver. Many problems occur when a dispatcher says one thing, but another happens. Through direct contact with the driver, we increase communication accuracy and service. If we can’t speak directly to the driver for any reason, we won’t book them. Period.

Along with GPS, we proactively track our drivers every step of the way. Multiple check calls in advance before pickup, after pickup, throughout the route, before delivery, and after delivery.  


Signed PODs, invoices, and load related documents are sent to your accounting department immediately upon completion. 

They will never have to track down paperwork. Efficiency with zero delay equals a happy accounting team. 

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